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Pint of Science mini-series: Untold Stories. Episode 1: Founders Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Michael Motskin

April 1, 2022

Welcome back to a special mini-series of the Pint of Science podcast: Untold Stories. 2022 marks the tenth edition of Pint of Science and we decided to chat to people behind the organisation and creation of the festival as well as those that have taken part over the years.


We start with the two co-founders, Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Michael Motskin who were research scientists at Imperial College London where they first met and came up with the idea. At the time they hardly knew each other and had no experience of running events or any intention to create an annual festival.


So how did they get the idea of Pint of Science? How did they start? How do they feel now that it's a worldwide event? Find out in this episode as Dr Elodie Chabrol, International Director of Pint of Science asks them these questions.


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The Pint of Science podcast is a part of the Pint of Science Festival, the world's largest science communication festival. Thousands of guests and speakers descend on pubs, cafés and spaces in hundreds of cities worldwide to introduce science in a fun, engaging, and usually pint-fuelled way.


This year, Pint of Science UK is back for its 10th edition, #pint22! We’ll be in pubs and cafés across the country on the evenings of Mon 9th, Tue 10th and Wed 11th of May 2022!


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