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Pint of Science Podcast - Professor Chris Jackson - Volcano Explorer and Basin Analyst [episode 3]

April 1, 2019

Ever wondered how many ways you can die on a volcano? Or perhaps you're more interested in impressing your geoscientist friends with geeky party tricks? This week's episode has it all; we found ourselves a cosy corner at The George and Dragon in Acton, then directed our microphones and curiosity towards salt-loving organism Chris Jackson, Professor of Basin Analysis at Imperial College London.

In an almost alarming display of energy, Chris arrived to record this podcast straight off the back of an 18 mile run, proceeded to grab a pint and then provided fantastic insight into both his research and some of the wider structural issues with academia. Get yourself comfy and dive in!

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About Chris Jackson, this week's guest:

Chris Jackson completed his undergraduate degree and PhD training at the University of Manchester in 2002. After a brief 2 year stint in Norway working for Norsk Hydro, Chris returned to the UK to take up an academic position at Imperial College London where he is now a Professor of Basin Analysis in the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering. Chris has received awards in recognition of both his lectures and his writing, and in possibly the most niche complement of all time has been described by the Geological Society of London as ‘the leading and most productive interpreter of three-dimensional seismic reflection data of his generation’.

Alongside his work at Imperial, Chris has also made several exciting television appearances, including BBC Two's Expedition Volcano which saw him descending into a live volcano. Honestly, these Earth Science types...

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