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Pint of A Pint of Science mini-series. Episode 3: STEM cell cancer treatments with Dr Ramy Ibrahim

June 28, 2021

Welcome to the third and final episode of our very exciting three-part mini series of the Pint of Science podcast, in collaboration with, the cell coding company. The series wraps up with Dr Ramy Ibrahim,’s Chief Medical Officer and a leading immuno-oncologist. 

Ramy explores how the field of immuno-oncology has evolved from fringe research to a 2011 breakthrough, when the US FDA approved the first immune therapy treatments for skin cancers, and on to his work as Chief Medical Officer of the Parker Institute for cancer immunotherapy, researching effective cell therapies for solid tumours.

We explore how bit bio caught his attention about is the company's examination of cells themselves and how to reproduce them reliably and on a grand scale, and the incredible possibilities this raises for medical treatments. 

Interested in the concept that cells can be reprogrammed? It was certainly an inspiration for the foundation of, and you can read a bitesize review of the science that enables the technology to work here:




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