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Pint of A Pint of Science mini-series. Episode 2: The Symphony of cells in context with Dr Paul Morrill

May 7, 2021

Welcome to the second episode of our very exciting three-part mini series of the Pint of Science podcast, in collaboration with, the cell coding company.

From Californian surfer to scientist to entrepreneur, today we're talking to Dr Paul Morrill, Chief Business Officer of, who discusses their core purpose - to develop the underlying technologies capable of producing consistent batches of every cell type in the human body. He explains that part of their mission is to be able to reliably grow human cells which will allow new drugs and compounds to be tested in context, to help scientists more accurately understand how they will perform in both healthy and diseased human bodies.

Interested in learning more on how applies synthetic biology to generate consistent and scalable stem cell derived human cells for research and drug discovery? Listen to the talk, Coding Cells for Life: Consistent and scalable human
iPSC-derived cells for in vitro disease modelling and drug discovery.



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