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Pint of Aston: A Pint of Science mini-series. Episode 1: Antibiotic resistant diseases with Dr Jonathan Cox

September 10, 2020

Welcome to Episode one of a very special mini series of the Pint of Science podcast, in collaboration with Aston University.

Over the next four episodes, we're meeting with a few of the leading lights of research at the university – some you may know if you've been to a Pint of Science talk, and some you may not. We'll be talking about their research, what makes them tick, how they are changing the world for the better and pushing the boundaries of the understanding of humankind... You know, the day to day stuff.

If you're listening to this and you're maybe inspired to learn more about these scientists' fields or STEM courses in general, head to for more information.

In episode 1, we're meeting a man whose leading the fight against bad bugs and some of the most destructive diseases we're fighting today. Dr Jonathan Cox is leader of the Mycobacterial Research Group at Aston University. He specialises in antibiotic resistant diseases such as Tuberculosis, or TB, and has dedicated his career to finding ways to defeat these hardy bugs. He's also a Pint of Science festival grandee to boot, so pull up a drink of your choice, and get ready for a Pint of Science with Dr Jonathan Cox.

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The Pint of Science podcast is a part of the Pint of Science Festival, the world's largest science communication festival. Thousands of guests and speakers descend on pubs in hundreds of cities worldwide to introduce science in a fun, engaging, and usually pint-fuelled way.

This year, Pint of Science is going live online! We will be going digital on the evenings of 7-9th September with a great selection and variety of online Pint of Science events. 

You can donate and help Pint of Science through these incredibly challenging times. For obvious public health reasons, we are recording remotely at the moment - but we hope to be back in the pub very soon (and very safely).

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