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Pint of Science meets Randall Munroe, author and XKCD cartoonist! (Special episode!)

Pint of Science meets Randall Munroe, author and XKCD cartoonist! (Special episode!)

October 17, 2019

Welcome back to a very special episode of the Pint of Science podcast! Series two is on the way, but in the meantime we had a chance to catch up with XKCD creator and author of 'How To' and 'Thing Explainer' Randall Munroe.

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Randall is the brains and artistic hand behind His website gets some 70 million hits a month, and is a huge presence online, especially among communities on Reddit. He also has a book out, How To, which explains how to do everyday things in wildly inappropriate but scientifically valid ways.

He was kind enough to give us his time as he passed through Manchester on the How To book tour, so we took him to Pint of Science Podcast favourite The Salutation Pub.

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